Patient Care is Our Priority

Alan Tompkins

I began to seek treatment with Camilla when I was suffering badly with my lower back a couple of months ago. Every morning would be a struggle getting from the bed to the shower without experiencing real lower back pain and stiffness. After a couple of treatments I could really notice the difference with less pain in the mornings! Now a couple of months down the line I don’t even think about the dreaded walk to the shower, I feel like I have been given a new spring in my step! I now have regular treatment to keep on top of the progress we have made and I am extremely appreciative of Camilla’s time and effort, thank you!   

Michael Fitzgerald

I am a semi-professional footballer playing for Hybridge swifts. This would be my second year with them, however Boxing Day off last year I injured my right knee during a game. This resulted in me having to undergo ACL reconstruction and Meniscal surgery.  I started having pre-habilitation treatment with Camilla before my surgery. In this phase we managed to improve my ROM and functional movements, building up my strength before the operation. After the operation Camilla worked with me very closely, assessing me weekly to see how much I was improving. We worked together to get movement and function back in the knee, and I have been progressing ever since! Camilla has made my rehabilitation fun and diverse working in the clinic, swimming pool and gym! I am still a couple of months away from returning to play football, but I have been very impressed and very grateful for the hard work Camilla has put in for me. We are both determined to get me even stronger than I was before, and I’m positive I will be able to play football at a very high level once again.  


Just wanted you let you know how much I appreciate the help you have given me with my stiff, painful back.

Over the past 3 – 4 months I have gone from struggling to do basic tasks, such as the supermarket shop, to getting back to feeling fit and active and able to do the garden again without paying for it for days afterwards.  I am no longer in pain all the time.  My confidence in what I can do has grown.

Your collaborative approach works well for me and it has been good to work together towards improving my back problems.